Friday, November 2, 2007

New Kid on the Farm

Hi guys, this is Minh Phan, another freshman here at Stanford. I was born in Vietnam and immigrated to Houston about 8 years ago. Since I was little, I have always had an interest in becoming a doctor. I guess what draws me most to medicine are both the physical and mental demands that come along with the physician-patient relationships. Lately, however, I've also become interested in teaching and I'm currently thinking about taking sometime off to work for Teach for America after college.

Currently, I am taking the normal track for a freshman Math 51 and Chem 31x, which consumes much of my free time. I also write once every week for The Stanford Daily...check out my articles on the newspaper website :-D. The surgery panel today was great. What surprised me the most about it was how receptive the speakers were...not only did they clearly answer the questions posed to them; they also gave the students helpful incites by expanding on the questions themselves. It is pretty late now and I guess I'll expand on the surgery panel later.

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