Thursday, November 1, 2007

I loved the Surgery Panel!

Hello, this is Tony, a Sophomore at Stanford. I want to thank you very much to the SPA team for setting up the Surgery panel. I learnt a great deal tonight. I am a pre-medical student, but I am not sure what speciality to go into. The panel really helped clear lots of misconceptions and questions I always had about the surgical profession. I especially liked that the panelists addressed how rapidly the field is changing, and how machines will play that role. I also got lots of insights into how speciality match work, and what type of people usually go into surgery (instead of internal medicine) Thank you again, I loved the hot chocolate and cookies, very nice of you. Thank you, you are really helping confused pre-meds like me get really useful advise. (woohoo, the second episode of Season 7 Scrubs comes on tonight!)


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