Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays~

Hey bloggers! It's Sunday, December 23, 2007, just two days before Christmas. W00t! (btw, w00t is the word of the year--awesomeness) I'm sure everyone is as excited as I am that this year is coming to an end, and that a new year is just around the corner. There are many events and activities planned by the SPA for this upcoming year, including the mentoring program and various new community service initiatives. If you've missed out this autumn quarter, it's never too late to get involved! For those of you who are new to SPA, this association has an admirable vision and a great group of dedicated students working towards fulfilling the vision (feel free to visit for more info!). I feel so fortunate to have found SPA so early in my college career. From meeting other pre-med students who share my interests and listening to advices from the experienced upperclassman to helping lead Health Fairs for the children of my community, I've already learned and gained so much from being part of this organization. So, thank you SPA, and thank YOU for reading!

Happy holidays from the East coast,
Steve ;-D

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Nancy Nguyen said...

spa wouldn't be the same w/o our frosh!