Thursday, March 6, 2008

Beginning Suture Workshop

I just arrived back in my dorm room after attending the beginning suture workshop held in the Goodman Simulation Center at the Stanford Hospital and let me just say that IT WAS AMAZING! First of all, I was completely shocked when I saw that the ratio of premed participants to surgical residents was in the neighborhood of two to one. Instead of one or two residents walking around the room attempting to assist and address the questions of all the premeds, there was at least one resident per table. That made the interaction with residents much more personal and also made it easier to learn the skills. It was such an amazing feeling to actually use the instruments and practice the different stitches. As an undergraduate premed, the medical profession can sometimes seem like a goal which is incredibly distant and removed from my current life. This "hands on" experience brought the medical field closer to me in a sense and definitely rekindled my desire to pursue medicine. I am so incredibly grateful that I was able to participate in this event, and I encourage all Stanford premeds to sign up for future events like this one. Way to go, SPA!

Kimberly Conner
Class of 2011

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